The environment has always been associated with emotions. The sea can be calm or angry or the day can be unsettled. When I explore and photograph any environment I am making an attempt to find and express its mood. Perhaps at the same time I am also looking for an expression of my own mood. Maybe this is an extra layer I add - who knows? Like people, an environment's mood can be ever changing, sometimes by the minute and second. Like a portrait of a person, when I photograph the environment, I look for not just what I see but what I cant see until I capture it and make it sit still.


All the landscape photographs on this website can be purchased and each is printed on the highest quality archival photographic paper. This means that each image and the paper it is printed on will last decades without loss of colour or quality (as long as it's looked after!)


Alternatively, and perhaps more uniquely, you can also commission most of these photographs as large format layered three dimensional glass images. This art series is based on a display method I invented* in order to differentiate my work, while repeatedly projecting an environmental message - something I am particularly passionate about. (You can watch this video showing my glass artworks in a gallery setting here).

When I use my method to display my landscape images on layers of glass, the result is a simple photograph transformed into a transparent three dimensional artwork that portrays an inherent environmental sustainability message. As such, choosing glass as my preferred medium wasn't a mistake or an arbitrary thought. Glass is naturally representative of fragility, beauty and a level of expense, concepts that apply strongly to our natural environment. When I create a piece of fine art like this, it can weigh 75KG or much more. This results in the need for a determined level of care in the handling and positioning of the piece; a physical representation of fragility that requires the caretaker to take care with the artwork, in the same way we should be taking care of our planet. This is Fragile Landscapes and its layers of meaning.


When I first began to shoot landscape images I had no idea why, I just liked what I saw and wanted to hold onto it.  I worked out it was mood that I was attracted to as well as the process of finding that mood; exploring the hills, valleys, fields, beaches and cliffs. No matter what mood the environment might be expressing, it is the canvas of life for all living things. We need to care for it, nurture it and cherish it. In all its moods, and at all times it is fragile.

What this all boils down to is that I love photographing the environment because I love the environment and I believe it's vitally important that we protect it. That's what Fragile Landscapes is all about. I can find more layers of conceptual and artistic justification for my work than a fine French puff pastry but perhaps you'll be happy enough with this.

Chris Gillard


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