Don't Hang It On The Wall, Make It The Wall... / by Chris Gillard

The Fragile Landscapes fine art series of 3D transparent glass artworks, shows potential to be integrated into environmentally sustainable design and architecture. Here’s a quick rundown on that.

As a multi-layered glass construction method, my artworks in various forms and sizes can have excellent insulation properties and the dual benefit of soundproofing properties. This has application in feature windows and even walls of all sizes as well as skylights for example. My imagery and this display method can also be used in kitchen design (eg. transparent 3D image based splash-backs) or as dividing walls in place of commonly used glass tiles. In terms of the imagery used, I can shoot new landscape images to suit the particular environment of a construction or space, or I can use one of my portfolio of images. I will work with all architectural and design firms who have genuine sustainability and environmental considerations at the core of their philosophy. The best working model is a collaboration between myself, designer, architect, builder and client to create a powerful and unique piece that is absolutely reflective of the wider concept inherent in the space being created and which serves an environmental, functional and aesthetic purpose. 

Interested? Talk to me. Or check out some pics of the Fragile Landscapes glass artworks and watch the video.