Boat and Sunset

Boat and Sunset Landscape Photograph
Boat and Sunset Landscape Photograph

Boat and Sunset

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Fishermen leave the placid waters of Merimbula Bay in the late afternoon. Merimbula, New South Wales, Australia. Cross-processed image from film (no post production used; the green cast through this image is a reaction to the processing method).

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All Fragile Landscapes limited edition PRINT images are produced on the highest quality archival Cotton Rag fine art paper ensuring significant ink saturation and colour retention for decades, making them an excellent art investment or gift.

All printed images are signed and numbered, and include a white border. (Border widths are dependent on image size and format). Note: If you would like this image printed on canvas, or in a larger format than specified or you would like a quote for framing (including shipping) please contact me.

Along with 60 only PRINT versions, a single standalone and unique 3D LAYERED GLASS version of Boat and Sunset can be commissioned as part of the Fragile Landscapes series - no others will be produced in this glass format.  To make an enquiry about the development of Boat and Sunset expressed in the Fragile Landscapes glass format, please contact me directly via the contact form. The level of expense is dependent upon your requirements (such as size) as well as the potential shipping costs.

NOTE: Boat and Sunset is an image that was captured using Transparency Film (slide film) which was then 'pushed' (from 100ISO to 400ISO) and cross-processed (developed using print film methods) to create a grainy high colour and high contrast look. As such, the larger the image, the more 'grain' will appear adding to a soft 'painterly' look which is part of the intent.

COMMISSIONS: If you are looking for something even more personal, you may wish to commission me to create a NEW landscape image. For all commission enquiries please contact me directly via the contact form.